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I Drew Some Festive Drones for the Holidays


I’ve been messing around a lot with Adobe Illustrator.  It’s an incredibly irritating piece of software if you’ve grown up using nothing but Adobe Photoshop – everything is counter-intuitive! What does that symbol even mean? Why can’t  I just combine the two things, why is this so hard! But I’ve passed over some kind of learning curve and am now having a lot of fun with it. It’s a very different method of drawing and making illustrations than hand-drawing stuff, but it allows allows me to try some new things.

So. In Illustrator, I made a lot of holiday-themed pictures of drones. I’m thinking of selling whimsical drone stickers on an Etsy account, or something. I still need to figure out if I’d be able to at least break even.

Have some drone holiday cheer.

You have no idea how difficult drawing Santa was in Illustrator. My resentment for Santa has mostly passed but it was touch and go there for a while.


I think this Inspire is actually kind of fetching with the hat, but my aesthetic is weird.


In the arena of art that doesn’t somehow involve a flying yet benign robot, I drew some animals who aren’t enjoying the holidays. Holiday ennui knows no species.

tragic tiger

Doge of Ambivalence.


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No Real People – Comic

I always think this when somebody makes this comment at a bar.


Part of another comic, expressing what I think is a common 20-something sentiment.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.12.47 AM

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Bearded Men With Kramas – Phnom Penh cartoons


If you live in Phnom Penh, you’ve seen this guy. You may be this guy.

The krama symbolizes exoticism and a sense of adventure,  while the beard symbolizes rakish virility. The Moleskine and large, unwieldy camera indicate they are serious Travelers who are not to be lumped in with the backpacking riff-raff.

I think it’s some kind of weird mating display, personally.

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the modern human condition – drawings

Does anyone else ever find themselves contemplating with equal measures awe and terror how quickly technology has advanced since 2008? In 2008, none of us had smartphones. I was able to survive with a daily trip to an Internet cafe while I lived in Bangalore. I have only gauzy recollections of how I spent my time.

Contrary to the beliefs of the militant anti-screen time wackos, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t happier. I can say this because I went without a smartphone for a good four months last year. Instead of being filled with Zen-like connection with the world, I spent a lot of my time looking lustfully at other people’s smartphones.

Anyway, here’s a drawing.


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