Your Daily Internet – April 30th, 2014

putin pug
Here is a picture of Putin with a pug.

People regularly inform me that they get most of their news from my Facebook feed. I’m happy to do it.

However, this also means Mark Zuckerberg is indirectly profiting off my incessant information hunting-and-gathering, and that bothers me on an existential level. Especially considering that I drive by Facebook’s large and pleasingly manicured headquarters on a bi-weekly basis.

On that note, I’ll be sharing my latest Interesting Stuff I Found Online over here, and regularly.

Rohingya health crisis in west Myanmar after aid groups forced out – Reuters

Fascinating (and disturbing) report on the continuing suffering of the Rohingya minority group in Burma.

Literally Unbelievable

We have all encountered that gullible, slightly obnoxious individual who becomes deeply indignant about an Onion article, preferably one that deals with pressing social issues. This glorious website has collected these responses from the satire-impervious into one convenient location.

Putin’s Useful Idiots – New York Times

“The irony is that by standing beside Russia and pointing fingers at fascist phantoms in Ukraine, Western intellectuals are aligning themselves not just with the autocrat in the Kremlin, but the legions of far-right parties across Europe that have come to Russia’s defense, among them Hungary’s Jobbik, Vlaams Belang in Belgium, Austria’s Freedom Party, Italy’s Lega Nord and the French Front National. Who says Russia needs propaganda? It already has its useful idiots.”

Nevada Militia Sets Up Armed Checkpoints, Demands to See Drivers ID – Gawker

What could possibly go wrong? Added irony: militia man whinging about the government has previously served in the military; worked as public school teacher.

Private Security Guards Are a Sign of Inequality, but Are Firefighters and Detectives? – Quartz

Interesting economic analysis of inequality. (Yes, I’m reading Piketty. Really. I swear).

An open letter to the future Mrs. Clooney: Congrats on proving Princeton Mom wrong – New York Post

“There’s no greater aphrodisiac than a happy woman with a full life, who is passionate about something besides getting a ring on her finger. Just ask George Clooney.”

I have never been so happy to link to the New York Post.


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