3DStereoLab is Awesome, I’m in Los Angeles

I’d like to direct your attention to 3DStudioLab, a truly awesome 3D production studio (with rentals avilable!) in downtown Los Angeles. Please “like” their Facebook page. Do it for me.

Why? Well, I’m down here in LA helping these genuinely nice people get their social media presence up and running.

Also, I get to play around with 3D video cameras and the accompanying software, which is the kind of thing that makes my life worth living. (As well as brushing up on Final Cut).

The studio is located in the Brewery Arts Complex, the world’s largest art colony. Thomas Edison once had offices here.

Brewery graffiti.

Now it’s a bunch of delightfully scrappy lofts with DIY backyards and many, many ardent Burning Man patron tenants. Everyone living here has something cool going on. There’s also a restaurant-bar in the condo facility with a good wine selection and fish tacos. Life is hard. 

Thoughts on Los Angeles: a sea of movie studios, taco trucks, and interesting-looking hipster bars with odd names.

Also, I like it a lot more than I anticipated. But don’t worry, I’m still coming home to you, New Orleans.

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