#FirstWorldProblems, New York Photos

Just look at these New York hipsters waiting for takoyaki. Look at them.

After a delay of a few million years, I finally edited my New York City photos. That’s the problem with actually editing and making some vague effort to curate your Facebook albums or what have you: it takes a long time. And you get distracted, by shiny objects or what-have-you.

Central Park. I never take photos this heartwarming.

Re-reading Churchill’s account of World War II: much easier to stay awake for while at the gym. I shiver to think of what the First World Problems jeerers who produced this ad would say to that.

Speaking of that ad: Way to Not Understand Millenial Humor, guys. Sheesh. I also think it’s going after rather low-hanging fruit.

The ad-makers could have easily found people not nearly as self-aware as those who bother to apply a #FirstWorldProblems hashtag by hanging around, say, Nordstroms or a Beverly Hills Starbucks. Or maybe a Vassar Freshman Orientation.

If you’re going to mock the first world elite don’t be lazy.

I should add that I am not a fan of the Guilt Technique of getting people to donate to XYZ cause, since I feel it just puts people on the defensive…which as the response to this ad indicates, is in fact exactly what this ad is doing.

Perhaps thought-provoking, but the thought it mostly provokes in me is “Screw you, I’m not the problem!” instead of “Oh my goodness, I am indeed a plump and wealthy First Worlder. I shall dash off a check to Haiti today, and say three prayers of thanks for my extreme good fortune before dinner tonight.”

That is not going to happen.

This woman has no first world problems: she is merely awesome.

Girl has stomach removed after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail – GlobalPost

Well, that’s worrisome. Especially speaking as someone who rather enjoys molecular gastronomy, and in fact enjoyed a meal involving things Frozen with Magic Chemicals at Enotria in Sacramento. (Try the new menu, it’s awesome).

Off to visit UC Berkeley’s J-School today. Hoping to bug Michael Pollan in person. I predict it will be foggy.

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