Sam Rainsy and Mu Sochua at CNRP Rally in Tuol Kok

A somewhat surprise rally this morning at CNRP headquarters in Tuol Kuork. I was told that they are collecting data on voter irregularities so they can make a case to Hun Sen. Mu Sochua personally organized the lines of people — and surprisingly, Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha arrived, flanked by their olive-green clad guards.The crowd went wild.

I estimate about 400 people were there, and not too many journalists. There seemed to be a bit of confusion about if and where this was happening.


Sam Rainsy’s rhetoric is growing more intense. He called for the CPP “big three” – Hun Sen, Chea Sim, and Heng Samrin — to step down as they have lost their constituencies in their home areas. The people began chanting STEP DOWN, STEP DOWN, STEP DOWN after he said this.

In a deft bit of sloganeering, he added: “No one can buy us, no one can break us, no one can intimidate us.”


“We will give to the people the power of the people,” the CPP leaders said to an excited crowd, many bearing ID books or other proof that they had been properly registered but turned away from the polls regardless.

They will gather information here in Phnom Penh and in the provinces, then will use this to make a case to Hun Sen that the election was stolen.


I’ve heard that the CNRP leaders appear to be intentionally announcing such gatherings only minutes before they take place on social media, in an effort to avoid CPP interference. This seems to be a reasonably good strategy.

I don’t know where they’re off to next today, but I do know that things are heating up.

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