Help Me Identify These Alabaster Sculptures from 1979 Kabul, Afghanistan (please)

My grandparents visited Afghanistan in 1979, during perhaps the last possible burst of leisurely travel possible before the Bad Years descended.

They purchased a number of interesting items, but have never been able to find out much about these small alabaster heads, which alternately fascinated and concerned me since I was 3 or thereabouts.

Anyway, I thought I’d ask the Internet. So here you are:  2013-01-26 11.22.53 And another angle: 2013-01-26 11.25.05And here are some highlights from a circa-77 Afghanistan tourist brochure. I will upload the whole shebang later in higher quality than cellphone camera; it’s quite fascinating.

2013-01-26 11.32.49 Say “Afghanistan,” and you think of the friendliest country…arianaair

That is quite the coat. Can you still buy these, Afghanistan types?afghancoat

NBD, just a fancy swimming pool and inordinately tiny 1970s-style bathing suits. In downtown Kabul. interconkabul  And here’s Bamiyan, pre-2001 Taliban cultural atrocity.  bamiyan