Cambodia Passes Drug Law Allowing For Up To Two Years of Forced Drug “Rehab” – UN Dispatch

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Cambodia has a serious problem with drug addiction and trafficking, and last Friday, the Cambodian National Assembly passed a big new drug law with a 79-1 majority mandating stricter punishments for both users and traffickers.

Although tougher possession penalties and longer sentences for the possession of drugs such as methamphetamine, morphine, and cocaine are part of the law, infinitely more worrisome is the little-debated measure’s hardline new approach towards the treatment of addicts.

The new law, which has been vocally opposed by NGOs, will allow supposed drug addicts to be forcibly detained inside drug rehab facilities from 6 to 24 months if they are considered to be, according to the Cambodia Daily article on the subject, “capable of harming themselves or a danger to society” – a rather imprecise distinction that can be made by police and prosecutors.

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