The Ending of Star Wars and The Election

Please tell me I am not alone in having this clip immediately come to mind when I found out that Obama was the victor.

Of course, this means the metaphor must inexorably be stretched.

Thus: who are the Ewoks? The Malaysians I saw today seemed to be pretty unmoved, although lots of people offered their congratulations. Are the Ewoks England?

Who is being burned on the funeral pyre, anyway? Could it be Dick Cheney? Please?

Who are the three gauzy green figures looking down approvingly at Obama? It’s a bit unfortunate that Clinton is still alive for this one. Maybe if you just covered him in some translucent fabric.

Jar Jar Binks, however, is an obvious choice. You’re probably familiar with Joe Biden.

Your thoughts appreciated on this nerdy topic of immense international import.


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