Update on Faine, Venison Rib Roast is Easy to Make, Really

I haven’t done a food blog post in a while, I realized. As for me: currently figuring out the ropes at the GlobalPost and at the National Democratic Institute. Looking at/thinking about grad schools for international development and international relations. Complaining incessantly about Washington DC weather, which is categorically worse than Cambodian weather. I just thought I’d throw that out there.¬†Contemplating a return to Asia to do some reporting in the fall – I just need to pick a country.

Anywho, here, have a venison rib roast.

I saw a picture of a venison rib roast my aunt took at Darlington Estate in Perth, a quite lovely winery-fine-dining-restaurant in the hills outside the city. The last time I was there involved a multiple course dinner that revolved around truffles, so I have some affection for the place.

While in Iowa, I realized my boyfriend’s parents had a marvelous venison rib roast in their freezer. I decided to do it the way I do short ribs: a simple slow braise with porcini mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, tomato paste, red wine (lots), shallots, and carrot.

It tastes impeccable and is actually pretty idiot proof: sear the meat, put it aside. Brown shallots and carrot and some onion. Add tomato paste, wine, thyme, salt and pepper, and maybe some oregano. Add red wine. Add reconstituted porcini mushrooms and a bit of the juice.

Cook the living hell out of it – about 3 hours should do it. About an hour before you want to eat this, saute the fresh mushrooms and add them in. Best part? You can’t overcook it.

Best with mashed potatoes or polenta. I’m a polenta partisan myself. Also superb with braised kale, collard greens, or some other kind of slow-cooked vegetable, preferably involving bacon.

And really best with venison, if you’re lucky enough to be eating something your benevolent neighbor shot. Mmm.

The sauce remaining can be boiled down to produce a pretty tasty soup base, or something you can pour over pasta. The leftovers aren’t half bad either.

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