Kermbodia Is Very Bad Place

It happens every year. An educated foreigner who fancies him or herself adventurous alights in Cambodia, ready to Enlighten The World about what the Khmer are up to.

2014 has already given us our first specimen of the Holy Shit Cambodia genre of writing, and Foreign Policy Blogs writer Dustin Dye is here to enlighten us in his “On The Ground in Phnom Penh.” 

Spoiler alert: Dye is reasonably convinced that Phnom Penh is chockfull of whores. Erm, “streetwalkers.” He’d also like to inform us that the city is seedy, the Russian Market is full of counterfeit goods, and that he’d like to visit Angkor Wat someday because Cambodia definitely needs his tourist dollars.

He spent an entire full day in Phnom Penh, so we should probably take his word for it.

If you don’t want to read the piece, I’ve prepared some hastily drawn illustrations of it.

No resemblance to persons living or dead is intended. (Probably).



more whores



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