Faine’s Semi-Daily Internet – May 1-2nd

Go home. Internet's over.
Go home. Internet’s over.

It’s already May, and hot outside. How bizarre. May and May Day was ushered in with a violent response to labor protests in Cambodia, and a supposed tourist Selfie With Burning Car after a similar happening in Spain.

Me? Guy Kawasaki came to our digital entrepreneurship class and told us about many things in that sort of confident yet notably low-bullshit way that he does — pretty enjoyable, really, especially when he said in deadpan “Most people are stupid.”

10 GIFs Of Deep-Sea Creatures Encountering A Sub – Popular Science

I have never wanted a submersible more. This is the next-best thing.

Vietnam screams for halt to Mekong dams as delta silts up – The Nation

Laos is working on a major new dam at the headwaters of the Mekong, and many Southeast Asian livelihoods dependent on fish and farming could be at stake. This could potentially be a serious resource conflict, and I wish more in the West were paying attention.

Get Real, Nick Kristof – Foreign Policy

Oh, Kristof. The luminary behind a live-tweeted Cambodian brothel raid, Kristof is the well-meaning but perennially naive king of the Concerned Nice White People. Permitted by his publication to publicly have meandering opinions on everything, Kristof has turned to the current nastiness surrounding Russia and the Ukraine, waxing poetic about blue jeans in Moldovoa. Christian Caryl, thankfully, is unafraid to call him silly.

Investors Wary as Anti-Vietnamese Sentiment Grows in Cambodia – Reuters

And not a moment too soon, if you ask me. Ethnic violence isn’t just wrong, it’s economically foolish.

Studying the Rich – Boston Review

On the discomfort the super-wealthy are currently experiencing as both Piketty and society begin to analyze them more carefully. (Yes, by God, I’m actually reading Piketty. Enjoying it, too).

American Tanks and Dynamite Trash Minecraft Denmark – Kotaku

This is somehow glorious, glorious and aggressively pixelated. Insert your own clever IR metaphor here.

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