My Global-Posted look at Jessica Ghawai, Aurora shootings, social media

Jessica Redfield (Ghawi), killed at Aurora theater, had narrowly escaped Toronto mall shooting last month – GlobalPost

“Jessica Ghawi, who was killed early Friday at the Aurora theater shooting, was a sportscaster, a native Texan, and an eloquent writer. And she also appears to have presciently foreseen her own death via social media while reflecting on a June 2nd Toronto shooting that almost cost her her life.

Twenty-four-year-old Ghawi wrote under the pen name “Redfield” on her Twitter feed and her blog. Judging from her posts, she appeared to be an exuberant social media fan, as might befit an aspirant sportscaster…..”

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I find it much easier to identify with Ghawi than many media-saturated public victims in recent memory. She sounded like a genuinely cool, interesting young woman. The world is worse off for her loss.

Her death and the hubbub over her blog and Twitter account also raises interesting (some might argue “disturbing”) questions over the immortality-effect social media has.

What happens when we die?

Now, apparantly, everyone rushes to your social media accounts to see if you had anything touching or prescient or interesting to say before shuffling off this mortal coil. Present company included. 


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