Narwhals, dangerous motorcycle riding, and Beate Gordon: Recent Globalposting


It’s been a banner week for my GlobalPost work.

I would expect January 3rd to be a lousy news day, but instead I’ve got narwhal smugglers, modest Indonesian motorcycle usage, man-biting-dog, and the woman who helped draft the Japanese Constitution at the tender age of 22.

Not to mention the Year in Women (not the sexy year in women—don’t even ask), a piece which has received a rather surprising amount of Internets play, including from the Women’s News Network. (Hey there, ladies!)

Let’s make next year even better, shall we? Perhaps less with the arch comments about rape—including this gem from Eric Cantor.


A year in women: notable female achievements of 2012, from Malala to Hillary

American woman who helped to draft the Japanese Constitution dies at 89 – Jan 3

Narwhal smuggling ring busted by American and Canadian authorities – Jan 3

Naked man attacks dog and his owner in bizarre Miami attack – Jan 3

Indonesian city demands women not ‘straddle’ motorbikes  – Jan 3

Other Things I Found Online Today:

Narwhal Tusk Discoveries – A website devoted entirely to figuring out why male narwhals sprout a whopping tooth right out of their upper lip, which everyone agrees is inconvenient as hell, but looks really cool.

Third Reich Ruins – A marvelous website that compares Nazi-era photos of Germany with their modern counterparts, from Berlin to Dachau to the Eagle’s Nest. A treasure trove for the World War II geek. Potential career ruin for the World War II geek who ever so occasionally procrastinates.

And finally, the only image you needed to see last year:


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