Pollo Guisado again, killer llamas

Guisados tacos on Cesar Chavez in Los Angeles. Well worth the trek.

I’m making pollo guisado again tonight. Was happy that the guy at Guisados Tacos in LA – I went back this Friday – sounded pleased when I told him he’d inspired me to create this recipe. (Not that it’s much of a recipe…..more of a vague jumble of techniques). It certainly tastes good.

We went to the La Brea tar pits while in LA. Photos to come. There’s a Wall of Dire Wolf Skulls there, which is pretty awesome. Also the above-portrayed Really Indignant Sabre tooth Cat.

I  really, really should have bought this painting off the wall at Guisados.

I also learned all about killer llamas this week for work. You shouldn’t trust a llama with your life, I’m forced to conclude.

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