Trying to Like Kuala Lumpur

A long day of wandering around making plans and then re-jiggering them again in Kuala Lumpur. Have concluded I do not particularly care for KL. I see it rather like Hong Kong without the charm, and Singapore without the flash—and of course both cities have scenery, as well. Perhaps I depend on a monument or a Major Attraction to hold me over.

I have also kept getting myself into situations where I don’t have time to eat at regular hours, which means I have missed out on this city’s primary attraction—yes, extra embarrassing for me.

A torrential storm outside which has cut down somewhat on photo opportunities. TripAdvisor is also full of lies about Kuala Lumpur, which means I accidentally booked us into a literal hole-in-the-wall, which then refused me a refund when I came downstairs about an hour later, upon finding out the toilet only worked in the loosest sense of the word.

I believe one should be refunded your full hotel fee if you find a pubic hair in your bed, at least in the developed world. Also near a number of nightclubs, which I am too tired/cranky to avail myself of what with this trip planning, and which play loud, thumping house music throughout the night. Blargh. Well, Malacca is lovely.

Weaver ant nest in Lake Gardens.

Shopping… I bought a filter for my camera, but clothes and whatnot are really best purchased in Cambodia. Why go to Forever 21 direct if you can go straight to the source? (OK. Labor disputes and the abuse of workers. Well. I suppose the amorphous middle-man clothes you can buy at Cambodian markets aren’t really hurting anybody…are they? I may have to start worrying about that, too).

Have half-way sorted my money for Burma. Most of today was a jaunt all over KL in various taxis, driven by various friendly older gentlemen, trying to find a bank open on a Saturday. Finally found a whole hive of them in bowels of the Petronas Twin Towers. This was exciting. I was robbed very sneakily in New Orleans in May and was relieved of a lot of cash—carrying around cash fails to excite, but I’ve heard that Burma is quite safe.

Tomorrow: money-changers. The hunt for shiny, fresh new bills. I hope Burma gets over its curious affection for fancy new money soon.

Did see an impressive weaver ant nest today at the Lake Gardens—so, that’s something. They hold nests made of leaves together with their jaws – figure above! – and keep their larvae and queen inside. I believe they eventually do seal the nests with silk.

They are very rapacious, aggressive little creatures that will angrily wave antenna and mandibles at you if you invade their percieved personal space. It’s almost cute. I have been bitten by them before: as a friend said, it is less painful and more the perception of being attacked by “something very small, and very angry.”

Relaxing? Psh!

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